Organization and committees

Nordic CLL Study Group (NCLLSG) is an independent research organization representing the Nordic CLL Study Groups
and all Nordic haematologists with a special interest in CLL.

The mission of NCLLSG is to ensure optimal evidence-based treatment of all CLL patients in the Nordic countries, through e.g. population-based studies or clinical trials with spin-off experimental research on disease biology and epidemiology and to spread education regarding CLL in the Nordic countries, including geographically remote areas.

NCLLSG works for this mission by:

  • Conducting studies in well characterized patient groups with clinical as well as translational aspects.
  • Establishing a Nordic network of knowledge about CLL for doctors, nurses, patients and their relatives.
  • Facilitating the collaboration between Nordic CLL clinics and the pharmaceutical industry

Steering Committee:

  • Denmark: Carsten Utoft Niemann (Chairman), Robert Schou Pedersen
  • Finland: Vesa Lindström
  • Norway: Hoa Thi Tuyet Tran, Sigrid Skånland
  • Sweden: Anders Österborg (Vice chairman), Richard Rosenquist, Eva Kimby, Mattias Mattsson, Maria Strandberg
  • Iceland: Signy Sveinsdottir


  • Clinical trials committee: Christian Geisler, Carsten Niemann, Mattias Mattsson, Vesa Lindström, Hoa Thi Tuyet Tran and Jeanette Lundin
  • Outcome and Registry Research Committee: Lotta Hansson, Mattias Mattsson, Caspar da Cunha-Bang, Andrea Lenartova
  • Translational science committee: Richard Rosenquist (Translational studies chair), Carsten Niemann, Marzia Palma, Eva Kimby, Tuija Lundan, Sigrid Skånland
  • Educational committee: Anders Österborg, Hoa Thi Tuyet Tran, Richard Rosenquist, Sigrid Skånland, Carsten Niemann. Members from Finland and Iceland to be appointed

Read the bylaws here

Read about the members here