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Nordic Educational Meeting on CLL, Stockholm, 19-20 April 2018

Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, 101 26 Stockholm

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Live streaming can be followed via this link
From Monday April 23 at 3 pm will the recordings be accessible on demand from this website as well.

Questions may be asked during the live streaming of each session – only in real time – per e-mail to the chairs.
Questions will only be answered if the topic is raised by the chair.

Plan for transmissions from the conference:

Thursday 19 April
10.30-10.40       Welcome address: Carsten Niemann on behalf of the organizing committee

Chairs: Rebecca Valentin & Carsten Niemann
10.40-11.20       Paolo Ghia: CLL – a complex disease
11.20-12.00       Carsten Niemann & Anders Österborg: State of the art in treatment of CLL
12.00-12.40       Susan O’Brien: New drugs in the pipeline
12.40-13.00       Discussion

Chairs: Eva Kimby & Richard Rosenquist
14.00-14.40       Elias Campo: The genomic landscape of CLL: have we got lost?

Chairs:  Marzia Palma & Hoa Tran
16.50-17.30        Jennifer Brown: Incorporation of microenvironmental findings into design of new clinical trials
18.30-19.10        Jennifer Woyach: Mutations and resistance to small therapeutic   molecules; a growing clinical problem onwards

Friday 20 April
Chairs:  Lesley-Ann Sutton & Anders Österborg
08.30-09.10       Davide Rossi & Richard Rosenquist: How to identify high-risk patients?
09.10-09.40       Edvard Smith: The History of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase
09.40-10.20       Peter Hillmen: How to treat high-risk patients
10.20-10.30        Discussion

Chairs: Caspar da Cunha-Bang & Lotta Hansson
13.30-14.20        Real real-world /Registry-based studies. Lotta Hansson, Caspar da Cunha-Bang, Andrea Lenartova & Vesa Lindström
14.20-14.45        Nordic CLL Group: planned and future activites (discussion led by Carsten Niemann & Anders Österborg)
14.45-15.30        Michael Hallek: The future of therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia 

The meeting has been supported by an unrestricted grant from Gilead Sciences
and by an educational grant from the following sponsors:



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